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Thank you for visiting this website. Please note that this website is not yet optimized for small screen sizes. For the best experience, I recommend visiting this website on a desktop or laptop.


In the meantime, if you are using your phone, you can view some of my new-media sketches or connect with me on Instagram @abhinav.m.n.



My name is Abhinav, and I have 9+ years of experience as a UX Designer. I have strong design, user research, and visual skills with deep and hands-on expertise in design for software tools that enhance creativity and productivity.

My approach to design is flexible and adapts to the unique challenges faced by the organisations I have worked in.


My design process involves strategizing, conceptualizing, creating, communicating, and testing design solutions using appropriate tools at different stages of the product development cycle. I also collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and onboard them in the design process.

I just defended my PhD at Northumbria University at Newcastle Upon Tyne. My PhD focuses on creating an ideation framework for Interaction Design for Mixed-Reality experiences. I have a Master's in New Media Design and a Bachelor's in Architecture. 

I currently work at Vicon in Oxford as a Senior UX Designer. Vicon makes state-of-the-art motion capture systems.


As a Senior Chief Designer at Samsung, I Led a team of XR designers and managed stakeholders across multiple levels and geographies. Helped set up UX processes, workflows, and hiring requirements for the design team.

As a Designer 2 at Microsoft, I owned, designed and helped ship multiple end-to-end features for products like Edge, Visio, and Layout on Hololens 2.

As an Independent Designer, I Co-founded and managed a research and prototyping-led practice focused on providing UX Design solutions and interactive experiences to a range of small & medium enterprises and Start-ups.

As a result I can operate in all kinds of environments from start-ups to large corporations where ambiguity persists and new grounds need to be defined through design, prototyping and user research.

Most of all, I am hands-on and I enjoy the process of making!

Over the years through personal work I have explored expressing myself through Physical Computing, 3D, XR and Creative Coding. 

While I build this website, please visit my Instagram to get a peek and don't forget to say hello!

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