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Streamlined Approach to Designing Bespoke Performance Footwear




Thank you for visiting this website. Please note that this website is not yet optimized for small screen sizes. For the best experience, I recommend visiting this website on a desktop or laptop.


In the meantime, if you are using your phone, you can view some of my new-media sketches or connect with me on Instagram @abhinav.m.n.




An Interesting Design Challenge

In the winter of 2023/24, I interviewed for the role of a Senior UX Designer at Vicon at Oxford. Vicon specialises in Motion Capture solutions for a wide range of use-cases. As a part of the interview process, I received a super-interesting design task. I am presenting it here as I am particularly happy with the output; I did it in the thick of my PhD writing and finished this exercise in 3 days. It demonstrates my ability to understand a problem quickly and deliver high quality results, fast!

Needless to say, I landed the Job :) 

The Task

Following is the design task provided to me. I was allowed to make any assumptions needed to complete the task as long as I state it clearly. 

              " We make bespoke tennis shoes for professional players that provide unparalleled comfort, support, durability and reduce the risk of foot injuries. Traditional shoe design processes are limited by 2D measurements and sketches, which may not accurately capture the unique contours and movements of each individual player's feet. To address these challenges, a desktop application for bespoke tennis shoe design using 3D scanning (using wireless scanner or cell phone camera) can offer a faster, more accurate, and more personalized solution for professional players.


Please propose a design for this desktop application, including your process in reaching your decision. For the purposes of this exercise, you can make whatever reasonable assumptions you wish. The purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate visually what the journey would look like for a user and what processes proceeded this outcome. "

Below are the slides from my presentation:

* * *

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